Handmade Mongolian Composite Bow | Classic Design

$ 550.00

Handcrafted, designed, and made in Mongolia. It doesn’t get more authentic than this.

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1. Main frame – birch or bamboo tree
2. Front layer – horn/bone
3. Back layer – tendon/sinew
4. String – fishline material string

Decoration is made by printed paper as traditional pattern, bow laminated with fiber optic like thread for protect pattern paper. Draw weight you can select from 40-77lb. Arrows you can select from arrow part.

This product combines natural materials and advanced technology to create a high-quality bow. The main frame is made of birch or bamboo, providing natural strength and durability. The front layer features horn or bone, adding a unique visual appeal. The back layer is made of tendon or sinew, ensuring excellent flexibility and longevity.

The string is crafted from fishline material, known for its strength and reliability. The decoration on the bow is created using printed paper with a traditional pattern, and the bow is laminated with a fiber optic-like thread to protect the pattern paper. You can select the draw weight ranging from 40 to 77 pounds, allowing you to customize the bow according to your shooting preferences. Arrows can be selected separately from the arrow part.

This bow combines aesthetics, functionality, and high-quality craftsmanship, making it an excellent choice for experienced archers and enthusiasts of traditional bow-making.


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